Graduation Party Theme & Decor Ideas

With warm weather returning and school coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about graduation parties again.  Graduation parties always have a fun vibe to them, and a unique setup – to how many other parties can you come and go as you please?  Yet graduation parties usually have the same theme, using the school’s colors and mascot, which can become monotonous after a while.  And let’s face it, school colors aren’t always the most flattering for party decor.  My high school’s colors were orange and black…great for Halloween, not so much for a summer party!  Here are some fresh, fun ideas for graduation party themes that steer away from the traditional.

Graduation Year

Consider simply making the graduation year the focus.  This is a fun theme to use with any color scheme or venue.  Be sure to emphasize the graduation year along with a photo of your grad on the invitation.  Create or order posters and banners to hang that feature the graduation year. Incorporate the year into the food, too.  Cakes, cookies, and candies can all be ordered and customized with the year and colors of your choice.

Athletic All-Star

Great for the athletic graduate, especially one who is going on to play for their college team! Use any equipment, photos, and trophies that the student has worn and used over the years to display and use as decorations.  Consider having a football-themed cake, pennet-shaped banners, or making their senior pictures into baseball cards as favors.  Set out and display their jerseys, shoes, or uniforms – one from each year they were involved with the sport – as a fun timeline to show how they have progressed and grown.  Have sports-themed games such as a bean bag toss or volleyball net set up for guests to play around the yard or park.  Even the food can reflect the theme, such as serving hot dogs, hamburgers, and Cracker Jacks for a varsity baseball graduate.

Red Carpet Awards

For the grad who was involved in theater, voice, or dance, or plans to major in the performing arts.  Rope off a path for arrival, and consider adding a red carpet.  This one is all about the glitz and glam, so don’t hesitate to add crystals or even a disco ball to the decor.  Consider having a decadent dessert buffet: chocolate-covered strawberries, red velvet cake, and “champagne” (non-alcoholic sparkling juice) will add to the vibe.  Hang up 8″x10″ black and white copies of the graduate’s senior pictures that they’ve autographed.  Have a photo station to pose with props such as tiaras, long gloves, and feather boas.  You can even create the invitations to look like “tickets” for your guests to get in.

Schoolhouse Party

Break out the apples, chalk, and #2 pencils!  Set up chalkboards or chalkboard paper so that friends and family can leave messages for the grad.  Serve “nostalgic” snacks, such as juice boxes, milk cartons, and even tater tots!  Create your invitations to look like a sheet of ruled paper.  And of course be sure to have a timeline of school pictures on display – from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Major/Career Theme

Let’s not forget about those college grads, and any high school students who know what they want to major in!  Create a theme around their major and career.  For a student going into the science field, display food and candies in glass beakers.  For those going into computer or technical fields, try a “geek”-themed party, complete with an iPhone cake!  Celebrate a medical student by using medicine bottles to hold candy (careful with little ones around!) or creating medical-themed cookies.  Your student’s interests and career will really guide this party theme, so don’t be afraid to get creative!

Have your own graduation party to plan?  Contact Shannon to help you create the perfect party for your student!